GBrains is a networking platform that connects HBS alums with other HBS alums. Its focus is business development. The HBS alumni group numbers more than 80,000 today. GBrains makes it easy to connect within this group, often with unexpected positive results. It’s all about networking.

GBrains is open only to HBS alumni. There is no cost to join. After you join, you’ll have access to the GBrains Network. The G is for global. The Brains are the alumni.

When you enter the GBrains Network, you’ll see interesting business situations presented by other alumni. If you have expertise to offer or an introduction that you might make, you can reach out to the other alum directly. You’ll gain a new contact and perhaps help a fellow alum make a difference in the world.

GBrains is especially well-suited to help fast growing companies open doors and find new customers, partners, and investors. If you have a business situation that you’d like to present to others in the GBrains Network, then you simply create a one-page summary and post it to the GBrains Network.

There's never a cost for this networking, except for the happy occasion when capital is raised. And even then the cost is very small (see Terms of Service).